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Friday, August 26, 2005

Heath Care

Reality check: Many U.S. citizens have spent a lifetime overindulging, under-exercising, and, in some cases, chemically mistreating their bodies. Then after decades of wholesale abuse, they discover that The Government is coming up short in repairing and paying for the damage, in the final trimester of life.
Perish the thought, that Medicare costs could be reduced by tens of billions of dollars if people ate balanced meals, walked or exercised in moderation, stopped smoking and ceased drinking alcohol in excess.
And for those who are too rich for public assistance and too poor for 100% health coverage, this looks like the only available health plan.
What with tort claims and skyrocketing malpractice and liability premiums killing profits for health care providers, not to mention taxpayer supported Gold Cards providing free health care to indigents, it’s no secret what’s killing the Golden Goose. Yet, never is there a mention of personal responsibility, public accountability, or a pursuit of wellness.
Government expenditures for public health care is at an all time high and will only get higher. Yet, who wonders why there is little left over for those uninsured, with true and unexpected medical needs.
So you will pardon me my lack of sympathy, when I hear a 50 year old, 350 lb., chain smoking, Twinkie popping, Scooter Jockey on oxygen, complaining about the quality of health care in the U.S..

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