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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Above the Law

We have heard a lot lately about " no one being above the law". Of course this verbal hogwash is being spewed by posturing politicians, pundits and political mouthpieces for digestion by a very skeptical electorate. Skeptical because there are few among us suffering under any illusion that no one is above the law. Why? Because every day, they witness offenses by corporations, elected leaders, government officials and a whole host of individuals exempt or immune from prosecution and therefore are above the law.

Not a day goes by, in America, that thousands of government vehicles are observed going, not just over, but 10, 15 or 20 mph over the posted limit. The question is why are city, county, state and federal employees in such a big hurry, they are paid the same in or out of their vehicles, unlike someone paid by the mile or by the load.

It is questionable whether the Governator was in violation when he wrecked his 3 wheeler. But there is no excuse for a rogue cyborg, resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger, tooling around Los Angeles on his Harley, without a helmet. I'm not sure if the Calif. Vehicle Code exempts persons, in the act of acting, from wearing a helmet on Calif. Highways, but it certainly sends the wrong message. Message here: Change the message or change the law.

District and U.S. attorneys often withhold exculpatory evidence(an act of obstructing justice) during prosecutions and many are no strangers to illegal activities by undercover agents during investigations. But they are not sued or prosecuted, as they are immune from both prosecution and civil liability, in the performance of their duty. Ditto goes for Judges, who should be impeached and disbarred for allowing prosecutorial transgressions.

And I don't want to pick nits here, but many criminals are routinely excused from prosecutions for crimes up to and including murder, when they agree to testify or produce evidence against other criminals and are either relocated in the "witness protection program" or given very light sentences under plea agreements, often to reoffend .Foreign diplomats, sheikhs and kin of kings are immune from a whole host of criminal offenses and are usually ousted from our country for the more heinous offenses, but few if any are prosecuted.

So, the next time you hear some insufferable gasbag pontificating that "no one is above the law", just remember they can't help themselves. Outside the Beltway, America knows the law enforcement double standard is alive and well, so get over it. Legal equality is a myth and all the ranting otherwise is just a rhetorical deadbolt preventing reality from getting her foot in the

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