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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Now comes the gnashing, caterwauling, and whining over the modest cutbacks in Medicaid and Medicare. But who is screaming the loudest, hospitals dependant on the medically irresponsible or the 300 lb., Twinkie popping, chain smoking, scooter jockeys on oxygen. The concept of personal responsibility appears lost on all involved parties.
This should be a wake-up call for health care providers and Governments that support them. Request, no demand, that those who seek taxpayer support for medical bills eat healthy, drink only in moderation, exercise regularly and stop smoking and you can cut Medicare, Medicaid and Medical by a third or more. There is no cutback in the aforementioned entitlements. It is a cutback in the ‘rate of increase’
of funding. It is past time to stop the out of control subsidizing of poor personal choices. We should support those that are unfortunate victims of circumstance, not those whose destructive life styles are bankrolled by taxpayers.

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