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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mulsim Makovers

So, what?s all the excitement over the Muslims taking over the operations of our ports? The Japanese invaded our auto industry over 30 years ago and it was such a success that Korea has joined them and they are now dominate forces in the industry. In fact, American manufacturing has been shipped offshore so much in the past 20 years, that if it stopped, the U.S. would shut down. Thanks to extortion and violence by American unions, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea, India and Japan have inherited the supplying of goods for middle and low income America. Where was the outrage by Congress?

When the Tree Huggers decimated the timber industry with loony demonstrations to stop timber harvesting in the U.S., Big Timber took a page from Big Oil and consolidated their businesses. Now a handful of timber giants control the majority of private timber holdings and thrive on Eco-Nazi?s successes in tying up harvest of public lands. U.S. timber barons have also been successful in securing import duties on Canadian lumber, claiming Canadian lumber subsidies. Of course this has proven to be poppycock, but the tariffs remain. Where is the outrage by Congress?

Big U.S. oil companies, who control many proven fields, leave producing wells capped, manipulating the market, while they continue to acquire more leases in efforts to monopolize potential crude reserves. Of course this is not a conspiracy, it?s just good Oil business. But where?s the outrage by Congress?

Not satisfied with the foreign takeover of blue collar jobs, American corporations now outsource middle management, customer service and technical assistance positions overseas to lower costs. Where?s the outrage by Congress?

Japan sends hundreds of billions in products to our shores, but blocks our products to theirs in a hairball of red tape. Where is the outrage by Congress?

Well, I?ll tell you where it is. The outrage is always suspended until the offense is at the doorstep of the offended. And in the case of politicians, it remains suspended until their political donors, special interest groups, golf buddies or an angry mob of the truly offended, vociferously protests the offense.

Granted, the Whitehouse had a tin ear when it came to the Dubai takeover of U.S. ports.But Congress was tone deaf until the notion of a Muslim nation taking over strategic locations on U.S. soil hit the politically sensitive and were about as welcome as Cindy Sheehan at a Crawford, Texas BBQ.

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