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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where are the WMDs and Osama Bin Ladin

Not a minute goes by that somewhere in cyber land a Bush-hating Liberal is typing "Where are the WMD’s?" or "Where’s Osama?" on his mommy’s computer and posting it on the Net. This practice is no longer the exception, it is the rule among anti-War liberals. It has become so bad that, ‘Where are the WMDs’ has become the Holy Grail mantra for the ‘Deaniac’ Liberals with visions of impeachment, dancing in their empty little heads.

Well, it’s time to review.

It’s true, in the past 3 years, Bush has failed to locate WMD’s, some smaller than a Volkswagen, in a country the size of California. He also has not captured Osama, who is believed hiding somewhere within thousands of square miles of hostile terrain, inhabited by mutton breath, cave dwelling, fundamentalists prepared to kill over a cartoon.

But, in five years the FBI couldn’t find Eric Robert Rudolph --the abortion clinic bomber-- who was never more than 50 miles from where he was captured.

Hillary couldn’t find the Rose Law firm billing records for 5 years and they were in her house.

It took investigators 3 inspections of Vince Foster’s briefcase, over several days, to find the torn pieces of his fingerprint free suicide note.

It took over 2 years, a Federal Grand Jury, and Presidential Impeachment proceedings for Clinton to admit he had inappropriate sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky.

And in 37 years, Ted Kennedy has never come clean with what happened in Chappaquiddick.

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