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Friday, April 13, 2007

Silencing White America

Is it just me or is White America being systematically silenced?

Today"s latest victim, Don Imus, is probably the least likely victim, as he has made a career of insulting and offending everyone, whites included, for years. Most of his off color remarks were concealed in hair shaking rants resulting from perceived stupidities on the part of some celebrity, politician, activist leader or news subject. But make no mistake, Imus never ever focused his rage based upon race, but rather on those that deserved it.

Ever since the Civil Rights movement of the late 50's America has been salving the wounds of slave owning America. Never mind that the Civil War took hundreds of thousands of white casualties in a conflict to end this policy in America. Sslavery and to a larger extent racism exists to this day in many other countries of the world. But to this day, America is the sole pinata for the race baiting hysteria that has swallowed Don Imus whole.

While white America cowers and cringes at the slightest hint of a racist remark or ethnic joke, "Ethnic America" flaunts and broadcasts racial mysogynistisc lyrics and death threats for our Leaders and law and order that makes Andrew Dice Clay blush. And, they get very rich doing it.

So where is the outrage, protests and calls for firing of these voices. I don't know where they are, but they certainly aren't buying Rolexes for Al Sharpton or paying for maintaining Jesse Jackson's girlfriend or his child by her. That privilege is extended to those they prefer to extort for their personal gain.

Be advised, when it comes to wholesale hate, selected slurs and accepted explicative, you will not find a more pervasive platform than Liberal America. Here anything goes as long as you are condemning Conservatives, bashing Bush or assaulting America. All this at the expense of common sense, personal responsibility or National pride.

Pundits, Politicians and Patriots are all fair game for personal attacks by the Liberal Left, without fear of reprisal, But Don Imus alone made the most egregious error. He made fun of someone that didn't deserve it.

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