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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Rich Getting Richer

The Liberals are at it again. They--the Liberals--are ranting and screeching at the top of their lungs that the upper five percent of America is making too much money, while the “little Pipples” are making less. There is nothing quite like Nancy Pelosi, a multi, multi-millionaire telling us that the upper 5% are making most of the money. She ought to know.

Just how do the Libs think those stinking filthy Rich got rich? How about, everyone, Libs included, bought the goods or services the stinking rich had for sale. Yes, the CEOs of Microsoft, Google, General Electric and Citi Bank get paid oodles of money because the public--Liberals included--put billions of dollars in their cash registers or stocks to justify the obscene compensation. So now the Liberals want to penalize the rich they help make obscenely rich.
Does anyone actually believe that the top 5% make each other rich, without the help of the lower 95%?

First of all, Liberals have never made the distinction between wealth and income. Wealth is money that has already been taxed and is therefore off the table in terms of taxes. Income on the other hand is the taxable profit penalty for a better mousetrap, a more popular song, a cheaper shovel or a more efficient car. And who do we have to blame for the taxable profits? You got it, the consumer, Liberals included.

If Liberals are so concerned about some CEO’s salary and benefit packages, all they need to do is rally their fellow Liberals and boycott the companies they so despise. Then they need to seek out the “Little Pipples” that sell the same product or service and then patronize them. Voila, the little guy’s income goes up and the big guy’s goes down.

And who among us actually believes that Walmart--the most despised among “The Big” in America--would be such a success without the support of Liberals. And the ultimate irony is that “Unionized” America, who absolutely hates Walmart, jambs their parking lots with Toyotas, Mazdas and Kias to take advantage of the low priced non-Union made products sold there.

No, what Liberal politicians want is to “take” the profits away from Walmart and the other big Corporations in the form of taxes and then dole it out in the form of entitlements to the chronically poor, habitually unemployable and otherwise un-ambitious members of our society.
Clearly it is far easier to take money away from big companies than it is to let the “Little Pipples” earn it themselves, as it is far more difficult to prevent Nancy Pelosi in paying more in taxes than she must.

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