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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hating America

America is going to Hell. Or so says a loud choir of rabid Liberals, red necked Conservatives and the majority of America that lives in the middle. No argument here. But before we get our knickers in a knot, let’s review.

The Europeans all claim to hate us, but I would remind them that there were only 6 countries allied with the U.S. in WWII. And France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland nor Holland were among them. So while they gnash their teeth and spew their angst about America, they would do well to remember they’re not complaining in the language of Der Fuehrer.

Yes America is contemptible. We are fat, lazy, self centered, complacent, smug and self righteous….in many religions. Our political leaders are a bunch of pompous gasbags far more concerned with re-election and appeasing contributors than honoring the wishes of the Founding Fathers.

Too many of our homes flying the American Flag have Toyotas, Mazdas and KIAs in the garages, clothes from Pakistan, India and Guatemala in the closets, while the rest of the house if filled with products from China, Korea, Indonesia and the aforementioned France. But we always pray that Gob blesses America?

Well here is a New Flash for the whining masses that are condemning the land that I love: The consequences of importing 60% of our oil is easily eclipsed by the possibility of China, Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan suspending shipments of essential manufactured goods or Militant Islam abandoning Iraq to bring their vision of heaven to our shores.

When I can buy a Silverado in Shanghi, an F150 in France, or a Dodge in DaNang, you can get back to me about globalization and peace on earth. Until then I don’t want to hear from some globe trotting eco-Nazi about the starving in Darfur or the disenfranchised in da Hood. Because every effort to relieve the suffering blossoms into an International giveaway, benefiting the least deserving, at the expense of best intentions.

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