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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

America: Snap Out Of It!!

America, you need to snap out of it! China is buying us, OPEC’s bleeding us to death, while the Liberals do little but complain about “profit margins” of oil companies that are dwarfed by Hollywood moguls and software companies. I would remind you that penalizing legitimate profits in America is a little like penalizing fog in London. So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we are on the wrong path.

The rest of the non-Western world may hate us, not because we’re losers, but because we’re winners. And in the most unholy of alliances radical Islam--which leads by religious doctrine-- and hates us most of all, has teamed up with secular America to destroy the United States.

No America, none of this will be changed by the three Amigos currently fighting to be the leader of the free world. There is not a Washington, Lincoln, Franklin or Reagan among them. In fact, I don’t even see a Hope, Crosby or Lewis. What I see, so far, is a W.C. Fields, for sure a Laverne and at least one Fonzi. And these jokers are not exactly a prescription for what ails us.

It is a sad state when our nation lacks a Commander necessary to lead us out of our quandary. We are the most prosperous, creative, innovative country on the planet, but we have lulled ourselves into the belief that our prosperity is inevitable. Memo to America: It is NOT.

So effective has the Left been in demonizing our security strategies, while starving our energy demands, they will eventually be able to take credit for our downfall.

Folks, in the absence of an extraordinary leader we are consigned to depend on another terrorist strike against us, to lead us out of our myopic lethargy.
For only when we are faced with another, and inevitable, assault will our sense of self preservation trump the lunacy of the uber-Left and allow us to focus on the qualities that made this country great. Until then, we can only be amused by the hijinks of our Congress, which is more fodder for Saturday Nite Live, than any serious representation of the people.

But hey, I could be wrong…. The Dumbplumber

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