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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm So Sorry....Really

There’s been a whole lot of apologizing going on lately, at very high levels.
Obama has been apologizing to Hillary, Hillary to Obama, Hillary to the Kennedys, Reverend Wright to anyone who was offended, etc. etc. Point is there seems to be no end to the apologizing . And usually these apologies goes something like this, “I am deeply sorry if I have offended anyone with my remarks.” That’s a Mississippi River apology, wide but not very deep.

Well, it’s time for the Dumbplumber to do some of his own apologizing. So before I get going, I wish to apologize in advance for what I am about to say.

Hillary Clinton, you are a power hungry, self aggrandizing, manipulative, obnoxious, belligerent, outrageous bitch and I wouldn’t trust you running a whore house, much less than running this country.

Barack Obama, you are a self important, vague, vacuous, all things to all people, empty suit that says so little with so many words. You are a product of some very questionable associations not the least of which a racist minister, a self admitted terrorist and last but not least a monster politician maker currently on trial on a number of felonies.

Barack and Hillary, you two are a couple of socialists in training, who are prepared to sell this country down the river, while lining your own pockets. The level of both your hypocrisies knows no bounds. Neither of you have ran a business, toiled for meager wages or felt the pain of climbing the financial ladder. You both have accumulated wealth in a very questionable manner, while your Republican counterpart got his the old fashion way, he married it.

Oh John, your not getting away with anything. You are a doddering, gimped up, sagging goofball. Your antics in Congress are legendary. They call you a maverick to be polite, but your biggest handicap has not been your war wounds but the ethical injuries you suffered reaching across the isle to help build the resumes of those who would be our downfall. No John, while you claim to be, you are not a Conservative. You wouldn’t make a pimple on a Conservative’s ass. Now do the right thing an find a Conservative, any Conservative to fill the V.P. slot and bow out early after you win the election, that you so rightly do not deserve. Again I’m sorry if I offended anyone. But hey I could be wrong. I’m just a Dumbplumber.

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