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Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me or Mine

You would have thought that with the financial meltdown (spurred on by the housing debacle), two wars (where our adversaries advocate the death of everyone NOT a radical Muslim), the insolvency of Social Security and Medicare, the ongoing inability of the Post Office to live within its means (due to spiraling salaries, bonuses and health care costs) and the inability of our Congress to recognize that we are in a financial crisis…created by them, that president Obama would have had plenty on his plate some 14 months ago.

Add to that an exploding population of illegal aliens tapping our entitlement programs (exacerbated by a porous border enticing illegals to come here for handouts), then “cube” this folly with hundreds of billions (of our money)being handed out to trillion dollar banks (at no interest) to be loaned back to us at low interest, and hundreds of billions more being funneled directly to 18% of our “unionized” population (but given by 100% of the taxpayers), masquerading as stimulus money to ‘kickstart’ a financial recovery. But no.

No, this Bozo decided somewhere between breakfast in Chicago and dinner in D.C. that he is way above all that. He doesn’t believe that we are spiraling fast enough into oblivion, so to speed things up he takes over the Auto industry, the Energy industries, the health insurance industry and the financial industry, nevermind that the government already regulates the airlines, communications and our domestic energy resources.

If I were a cynic, I would start to believe that the government has more interest in controlling America than protecting it. As there is no nook or cranny they don’t seek to regulate and/or tax. And not to point out the obvious, government does all this under our Constitution of a limited Federal government, which confers to its citizens all rights not otherwise granted to the states.

So when the president goes looking for money to pay for all this folly, he can look somewhere other than here, since nothing that has brought us to this point involved me, mine or anybody I know.

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