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Friday, October 15, 2010

What my Daddy Said

My daddy always told me that I should say nothing, if I didn’t have anything good to say about someone. Well, you can add that to the other smart things my dad said to me, that I didn’t listen to. And today is no different.

He often told me--in the 60’s, when there were scores of lumber companies in the pacific northwest --that there would be a handful of lumber companies, by the 70’s, that would monopolize the private timberlands in America….and he was right. He also said that these same timber giants would use the “government” regulatory process (press ganged later by the eco-Nazis) to stifle competition and discourage entrepreneurs from entering into the timber business…he was right again.

And this scenario is repeated over and over again from industry to industry.

Oh, my dad wasn’t a brain surgeon, but he was no dummy either. You see, he saw what was happening well before it happened, and not unlike you and I, he could see it coming, but couldn’t do a damn thing about it. So maybe it’s better that he isn’t around today to witness the hijacking of the greatest nation on the earth. As the ones being hijacked are the very ones participating in the hijacking.

I mean who wasn’t bombarded with tales of titillating distraction of Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan or Alec Baldwin, while Barney, Chris, Nancy and Harry were systematically plundering America’s financial future. Who was all busy watching American Idol, Jay Leno and John Stewart, while our U.S. Congress and the White House was transforming America from a beacon of hope and success and into a Chicago style pay for play, socialist state of entitlement addicted junkies.

No folks, most of America sits by glued to contrived events designed to distract us in the name of free enterprise, while the same forces are complicit by silencing those who would report the calamity being thrust upon us.

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