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Friday, October 15, 2010

A little reflecting

After a few days of “opinion” silence, the Dumbplumber realized that all his ranting and railing probably hasn’t changed anyone’s mind about the abysmal state of our nation. Now I don’t want to imply that the ranting wasn’t without merit, but in the big scheme of things it hasn’t produced any measure of accomplishment, as to the goal of enlightening anyone who isn’t already enlightened.

This became painfully apparent with a visit to family a few weeks ago, when I was asked by a favorite auntie, “please tell me you don’t like Sarah Palin”. To which I answered, “what’s not to like?” My immediate thought was, what has Sarah Palin done to anyone?

The silence was deafening. I then proceeded to ask her what she knew about the current state of political affairs in the western world. Her response was that she wasn’t very informed at all. To which I continue to wondered why she has an opinion at all, if she is that uninformed.

Then hit it me. She is an entitlement junkie, living primarily off of a military pension and benefits left by her late husband, some 30 years ago. And since then she has spent her life in a secure cocoon, indulging herself with endless continuing education and merrily skipping through life in blissful ignorance of how all this security is provided. But not unlike many of her widow contemporaries, Auntie has shunned remarriage, as she knows full well it would end her “tax payer provided” gravy train.

No, I suspect that my Liberal kin will continue to get their Liberal political influences from the likes of academia, the Alphabet Networks and Oprah. And no amount of common sense, historical clarity or documented refutation will change their minds, even though the road they are driving down is taking down America.

The Liberal aunties, nephews, nieces and uncles of this world are basically tattooed with an ideology of those that would replicate centuries of failed societal models, that are painfully unsustainable in any context. And it has come to me that until they are jerked aback with the cold reality of our inability to maintain this farce, their relationship to the obtuse will remain intact.

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