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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Age of Contradiction is Dead, Long Live Contradiction.

This is pretty much what’s going on in America right now. And it’s going on with support and aid of the Main Stream Media. We are witnessing conflicts of positions and journalistic hypocrisy that are mind numbing, but little is said about it in the media. Let me submit:

Americans universally condemn government intrusion into our lives, but we keep electing politicians that grow and nurture big government.

Both parties now deny that government money is going for abortions, but there was well over a million government paid abortions last year.

Bush 43 was hounded from the heavens for every scrap of paper that dealt with his past…back to his childhood. Yet our current “transparency” president, has yet to submit any of his college records, or thesis, his passport or a duplicate of his original birth certificate. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s an “abstract”. Look it up, while you’re wiping the Kool Aid off your chin.

Our administration condemns $5 billion in profits to a company that has tens of billions in assets around the world, but doesn’t think it’s unreasonable to shove $20 billion into ethanol production, converting food into fuel, which requires more energy to make than it produces.

The White House bemoans the plight of “middle America”, then spoon feeds hundreds of billions at trade and government unions (to backfill their pension plans), which only represent about 12% of workers in America.

Our Administration claims it is protecting our borders, but will not require a drug test to determine if a recipient of taxpayer dollars is a drug user. It would kill two birds with one stone. Illegal immigration and drug use.

Der Leader is cramming conservation down our throats with the EPA and Energy Dept., but ignores both when he flies Air Force One to Chicago for pizza or pisses away $100,000 per hour using it as a fundraising tool in S.F. and Los Angeles. Need I go on? The man is a fraud people!

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