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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dumbplumber Shorts 13

Now that we are to expected to accept the clearly fraudulent, altered, and otherwise counterfeited Obama birth certificate, I guess the lid is off on altering $1 dollar bills to be $100 dollar bills. Works for me. Hey, that double standard thing was always one of my pet peeves.

Now tell me again why we should trade-in our low mileage pickups and trucks? Here is the Douche-bag-in-Chief sarcastically advising those of us trapped into our low mileage, high cost per mile trucks, may be fodder for POTUS. But his smug, smirky, condescension for those of us that enjoy NO monthly payments and low insurance and license fees is palpably offensive.

Not only do I enjoy lower, cost-per-mile expenses, but I can buy any parts I need from any of a number of catalogues and I additionally realize less costs to run 4 old trucks, than to run one new one. And I have the added bonus to NOT having my cab lifted off the frame for a tune-up. (Yes, you need to take a look at this little piece of engineering advancement)

Moving On
Obama recently visited the sites of several tornadoes. He scanned the devastation and commented that, “I’ve never seen anything like this”. (However what he thinking was, “When I’m done, all of America will look like this”.)

So now that “The Donald” has slapped Obama between the eyes with his flakey birth certificate, the Lefties are all on deck to reduce the Trumpster to ashes. Now comes the backlash for not towing the official line.

However, when it comes to Trump, I am reminded of the old tv show, The Untouchables, where the Feds have this big truck with a “V” shaped battering ram attached to the front. So that once the truck busts down the warehouse doors, where mobsters store or make alcohol, then the agents storm the building to smash the kegs and bottles. The Donald is this truck, but where are the agents.

Memo to Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party folks: The Donald has done the dirty work, where the hell are you guys?

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