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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Casey and the Cookie Jar

Casey and the Cookie Jar

I am about fed up with the Legal Analysts, Constitutional experts and Harvard Appelate specialists telling me, in righteous indignation, that “the system worked” with Casey Anthony. And adding insult to injury, they go on to state that the courtroom is not a place for justice, it is a place where the State makes its case. Horse Feathers. If it had worked, she would have woven her blankets into a rope.

No, Ms Anthony is as guilty as sin. She knows it, her parents know it, her attorneys know it and I know it. And for some reason 12 jurors witnessing the behavior, actions and evidence generated by this low life skank, somehow missed the logic, reason and common sense, that is as obvious as the aluminum foil hat on Harry Reid‘s head.

Many years ago, while on a visit to my Grandmother’s house in Oregon, I was accused of plundering the cookie jar. Now to be clear, this jar set next to the back door, which means it was already an attractive nuisance. I mean, putting a cookie jar RIGHT next to the door is just a bit too much for a 9 year old. Well long story short, this entire episode didn’t go well for moi.

Grandma pointed out that earlier there were several brownies in the jar. And since her and I were alone at the house all day and Grandma hadn’t eaten any, she felt it was a pretty good guess that I was the culprit, crumbs on my shirt notwithstanding.

This pretty much sums up Casey Anthony’s defense, sleazebag notwithstanding.

You don’t put duct tape around the head of a person that is already dead. You DON’T make an accident look like homicide. You don’t sit in jail, accused of murder, for 2 ½ years over an accident. You don’t have your 2 year old daughter missing for 31 days and NOT call the police. You don’t go on a party binge, while half of Orlando is out looking for your missing child. And you don’t lie when the truth is on your side.

No, the experts are wrong. Court, obviously, is where you go to beat the truth and revise history. So the experts can take their righteous indignation and stuff it.

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