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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What now for Casey Anthony?

1) Where will Casey sleep after July 5?

2) Will she be getting an invite to her high school reunion?

3) How long before she gets her first welfare check?

4) Other than Politics or the Law, what is Casey qualified for?

5) Has she received an offer from Larry Flint yet?

6) Wonder what her profile on will look like.

7) Will Gloria Allred negotiate her book deal?

8) Will Casey be the Poster Girl for N.O.W.?

9) Does the Gerber Life Insurance Company still have to pay?

10) Will it be a sniper or a mugger that delivers a just verdict ?

11) Will Casey be endorsing a Duct Tape manufacturer?

12) How many trailer parks will be torched tonight?

13) Is it true that O.J. Simpson has told Casey to stay out of Nevada?

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