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Monday, March 04, 2013

Sequestration What?

Well the Sequester is here. So?

All the media is abuzz about the ‘fabricated’ catastrophes that lay ahead because the Congress and the President have failed to come to terms with out-of-control spending. And to hear the president tell it, the planes will fall from the sky, babies will starve in their mother’s arms, schools will close and Congress and the President will not get their annual pay raises…..well, er, maybe not the last one.

But up here in what we refer to as, “The Real Northern California”, things are pretty much as they’ve always been. In fact, on a day-to-day basis, you can’t tell the difference of today from yesterday or this day last week or last month.

 For instance:

They tell us the traffic lights will cease to work. Well, Fall River Mills doesn’t have any traffic lights and damned few stop signs either.

They say airport security will slow the boarding of airplanes. Ha, there is no security other than an eight foot cyclone fence and a gate that is never locked.

They say police will be slow to respond to 911 calls. Hell, it takes from 45 minutes to 4 hours to get an officer here now. How much slower can it get. In fact, if your call is to report a burglary, you have to travel 25 miles to file a report, if and when the station is open.

They say fire departments will be slow to respond. Yeah well, our department is all volunteer already and they get there a hell-of-a-lot faster than the sheriffs. Besides, if your double wide is on fire, after the first five minutes it doesn’t make much difference.

The mail will be delayed. Oh sure, they have never delivered on Saturdays, since I moved here in '86 and most of the mail is just junk anyway.

And the weakest of all threats, “The Forest Service will be cut back and face some furloughs”. Well, since all they do is drive around in new pickup trucks, carrying only clipboards, I guess counting a few less trees everyday won’t set us back much, since revenue from timber disappeared almost 20 years ago.

Yessir, that whole Sequestration thingy upsetting the president and his media goons doesn’t mean much up here. Dumbplumber

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