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Sunday, March 24, 2013


If any of you have been reading the news lately, you probably know that the RINO GOP is going the ‘Full Weeny’. They are ‘re-branding’ themselves to try an attract the Hispanic--Tran-sexual--Gay--Lesbian--functioning idiot--cross-dressing--Mad-as-Hell--taxi driver vote. Yessir, nothing quite says Grand Old Party like a Hippie bus full of buzzed-out, tattooed laden, smelly, tofu eating, dope smoking, flower wearing losers on their way to the voting booth.

Meanwhile, the MSM are touting the Republican’s efforts as a step into the 21st Century. Yeah, like equating Conservatism with unlimited spending, unending welfare and unemployment, then the inevitable disability claim from Hell, before dropping all pretense of following the Constitution, which clearly states that the federal government shall control all money, food, jobs, healthcare, transportation, firearms, energy, water, and most of all your attitude. In other words….“the beatings will continue until morale improves”.

Even Fox News is waffling on the seriousness of our plight. Apparently content to just report the oncoming train wreck than actually describing what is causing it. This leaves Glenn Beck, who has launched a network almost completely committed to telling the truth about what is going on. And to keep his moderates awake, he salt and peppers the schedule with incredible segments on history, inspiration and capitalism. He has even started his own ‘Dream Labs’ where entrepreneurs develop ideas into a working business. Way cool.


A recent headline reads, “Republicans plan to spend $10 million on outreach”.

My headline would read…TeaParty and Libertarians are spending $300 million on ammo”. Video at ll.


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