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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Evolutionist Conundrum

It must be noted that about 450 million years ago our planet was a ball of ice.

Then about 400 million years ago, well after the melting of the ice and much longer after earth’s creation (est. at 4 billion years), Pangaea emerged as the single landmass on the planet.  Since then the climate has evolved, as the landmass has split into several continents surrounding the globe.
The climate has changed, the planet has changed, the plants, animals, insects, fish and every other creature has evolved in one way or another to accommodate changing environments and necessities of survival.

Fast forward to today.  Evolutionists, have for centuries preached the changing of every element of our world, condemning the notion of creationism along the way.  But now Progressives, Atheists, Liberals, Left-Wingtards and other assorted Moonbats are on a mission to STOP what they profess has been going on for a few billion years…..climate change (aka: global warming).

Specifically, climate moonbats have branded C02 as an evil greenhouse gas that must be eradicated.  Nevermind that it is plant food, which energizes the growth of plants and increases fruits, nuts and vegetables, with less water. (I always thought that was a good thing) 

Now you can add to that the blaming of cow farts for elevations in methane gas levels, even though the number one producer of methane is …..wait for it, termites.  I also guess the re-writers of history forgot the 60 million buffalo that wandered the Midwest, before evil white men slaughtered them, almost to extinction.  But maybe buffalo are too sophisticated to fart.

Now however, these same Moonbats are promoting the notion that man made global warming (or Anthropogenic Global Warming AGW) is promoting the devastation of man through, rising seas, shrinking of ice caps (even though they are getting bigger) as well as any other bad thing they can imagine.  Nevermind that this fluxuation has been occurring since forever. 

No my friends, weather is one thing, climate is quite another.  And for a group that cannot predict, with accuracy, the weather next week, the arrogance of them to control what happens next year or the next decade is lunacy.  And to destroy an economy trying a achieve this task is lunacy cubed.

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