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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Second Revolution

Maybe it’s time for some clarity on the political split that divides the Right these days.  True Conservatives are now being referred to as Right Wingnuts, the Radical Right, TeaNuts and Whack-o-Birds, depending on which Republican RINO you are listening to. 

Yes my friends, being a true Conservative is like the toxic waste left behind at a vintage gas station.  We just have to get it (them) outta there. 

So let’s be clear.  When some wobbly Republican Senator or Congressman brags about crossing the isle to work with the other side, what he really means is that he has packed his bags and abandoned every moral and ethical quality he ever possessed, just so he can brag about selling out America once again in the name of ‘consensus’. 

So tell me Pilgrim, when was the last time a Liberal crossed the isle and supported a Bill that led to:  Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Honoring the Constitution or endorsed Personal Responsibility?  Go ahead, I’ll wait!

When you hear cries for consensus, bi-partisanship or political civility, just remember, we have yet to see it happen on the Left. 

No, in fact, you cannot cite one example of a successful Bill that contain ‘ANY’ much less than every pillar of the above Tea Party platform.  Nevermind that virtually every law passed and signed by the Marxist-in- Chief, is classic Alinsky.  We have less freedoms, more government and higher taxes….wash, rinse, repeat.  And they call us “Whack-O-Birds!

So you will forgive us on the Right, who no longer trust, believe or vote for the ‘least evil’ on the ballot.  Hell, most of us won’t vote at all for lack of one principled candidate on the ballot. 

Yes, it has gotten so bad that the most qualified has been shut out in the primaries for lack of funding, to spread the Word to an electorate, arguably too stupid to vote.  They have been intimidated, had their character’s assassinated, had their reputations callously decimated and their families threatened, all in the name of politics.

It has gotten so bad that this Conservative could make a good argument that America’s salvation will NOT be at the ballot box, but at the end of a very violent second revolution, not unlike what brought us the U.S. Constitution.  A Constitution, which our Congress spurns now, every day they are in session.

Long ignored is the greatest governing document ever written, the U.S. Constitution.  Our Founders made every effort to guarantee individual rights and responsibilities FIRST, states rights SECOND and federal responsibilities LAST.  Tell me, after Congress and the President take their Oaths of Office in Washington, how that's working out.

In fact, it was the Brit’s move to confiscate the guns that sparked the first American Revolution and most likely it'll be Washington D.C.’s similar efforts that will set off the second.

But you won’t read a whit about this possibility from the chattering class of Media Morons too blinded and distracted by the Justin Biebers, the Kardashians or the Duck Dynasty clan to see what’s right in front of them.

No sir, they will be blindsided by what’s right in front of us all, when the first shot is fired against an enemy America voted into power and who abused it at their peril.

We Are So Screwed

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