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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Rudeness

Okay, this tears it!   Yesterday our regional newspaper editor referred to me as “rude”.  So after about 6 years of engaging with his rag-tag band of trolling Libtards, with rational responses to hysterical, lame-brained assaults, I have now officially hit the bottom of Commenter Hell.

How about this folks:  After you have exhausted all avenues of reason, to vicious, vacuous comments; after you have attempted every common-sense, historically referenced, rational attempt to persuade the rabid dogs of Progressivism; after the Train-of-Logic has left the rails and headed into the abyss of doom, in the final throes of futility, in a fruitless attempt to inject some sanity in an otherwise unhinged and loony adversary, then and only then is it necessary to revert to “Rudeness” to make your point.

Well, in a word, I’m SORRY my rudeness has somehow injured your dainty and fragile sensibilities.  I’m sorry I put decorum on the back burner, next to civility and dignity.  But my rudeness was the last stop on my trip to save you from yourself and your kind. 

If I am ignorant of a ‘successful industrialized’ country with a socialized government, we are attempting to emulate, perhaps you would enlighten me.

In the alternative, if you can muster the courage to supply me with your formula for survival and success, while we continue on with policies, procedures, ‘knuckle-headed’ tax and spend strategies and the UNSUSTAINABLE and endless union march to national bankruptcy, where 12% of the population will receive gold plated pension and health benefits, paid for by 100% of the working class, all of which currently has accumulated unfunded liabilities in excess of $144 trillion, well then I will be the first to apologize. 

And if an accomplished newspaper editor doesn't recognize sarcasm, irony and satire as being different than "Rudeness", well then he really needs some introspection. 

Until then you will pardon me my rudeness.  I have no more time or energy to debate with STUPID people.

Oh, was that RUDE?

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