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Friday, March 21, 2014

Transparent Flight 370

It’s now official.  We know virtually everything about the crew of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, that recently went missing. We know everything about the flight crew's families, friends and girlfriends.  We know about their hobbies, where they bank and their religion.  We know their work history, their politics, their personal foibles and their favorite colors. 

We know that two Iranian men, who entered Malaysia on their own passports, used stolen ones to board the plane. 

We know the names, addresses and personal histories of everyone on board. And we also know that at least 5 people had boarding passes that did not use them.

Yes folks, it’s now official.  In two weeks we know more about the 273 folks that were on a foreign flight, than we've learned about our own president in 5 years.

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