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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More fundraising

From the desk of the Dumbplumber

Dear Mr. Fitton:

In response to your recent solicitation for money to fund Judicial Watch, I wish to make a few observations, comments and recommendations.

First, I did not request that you send me either your first letter nor your second.  You gathered my name and address, as has dozens of others, from a donation I sent to support a conservative running against that pompous asshole Mitch Mc Connell of Kentucky.  Thanks to that candidate, a small forest has been sacrificed to yield the paper sent me since.  The postage alone dwarfed my modest contribution.

Second, before I continue, I wish to commend Judicial Watch for their efforts to expose and condemn all those prostituting their positions of power to feather their personal nests, while entrenching themselves in the ‘establishment’ political positions they ran against to get elected, all at the expense of those they pretended to represent.

But having said this, your roster of politicians from Bill and Hillary down to Maxine Waters have either retired in luxury or retained their political offices despite your best efforts.  And in the case of Bill and Hillary continue to influence the electorate, despite their transgressions.

Third, words cannot describe what the current president has done and intends yet to do to this country.  However, throwing tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars at conservative movements, conservative think tanks and corrupt democrat exposés will do little if nothing to bring a halt to our demise.  Remember it was just recently that the voting fraudsters were tried and convicted….from the 2008 elections.  And with only a little over 2 years left on this ’jugged eared’ socialist’s  second term--and with Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Dept. backstopping his crimes--what exactly are the chances of any meaningful prosecution for what amounts to TREASON and treachery on the part of this Administration?

Fourth, as great as you are at Judicial Watch you are but a thorn in the side of what is the greatest threat to this country in its entire history.  But the sad reality is you are merely aggravating your base, which is me and every other patriot, helpless to do anything to stop the madness.

 Fifth, no Mr. Fitton, as good as you and Judicial Watch are, you are but a steer in a field of bulls, impotent to act without the support of the Criminal Justice system.  You are fighting a war you cannot win, no matter your resources. 

When the majority of the electorate cannot name the three branches of government, cannot name three of the Supreme Court Justices, willfully re-elect candidates who openly act against their best interests and blindly walk into their futures believing our current path is sustainable, we have not just lost the battle, we have lost the war.

No sir, Mr. Fitton, as an amateur political junkie, I know when I am beat.  If there are to be future donations to a cause, it will be to fund bullets for patriots who wish to prosecute those who have violated our Constitution and their Oaths of Office.

Have a good day and take me off your donor list.  Good Luck in your future endeavors.


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