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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vote or be condemned

Well Pilgrims, it must be close to an election.  The RINOs are all busy telling Conservatives we can’t stay home, we must get out and vote.  Realllllyyyyy!  Perhaps at the same time, why don’t they tell us who to vote for and why, while they’re at it. 

Suddenly, it’s our obligation and duty to vote.  Reallllllyyyyy!   What obligations did these RINO bastards have while the Liberals were running the country into the ground?  What duties did they not perform when they had the chance to perform them?  Who did they NOT choke the loving shit out of when they were sitting next them in Chambers or drinking next to at those lofty cocktail parties? 

I need to stop for a minute and have a straight shot.

These so called “Conservative” websites really piss me off, especially when I can’t respond to the verbal vomit I’m reading.  They make it really, really, really, difficult to register, then condemn a posting.

Maybe these assholes can tell me which candidates will stop the madness and turn this country around.  Or am I to NOT believe that any qualified candidates that offered these remedies are already in the crapper of history.  (Sarah Palin, Gary Johnson, Tom Tancredo, et al.) 

In case these clowns haven’t noticed or cared to self-ignore, anyone, ANYONE who challenges the unsustainable policies and practices that is taking us down the rabbit hole to Socialist Hell is immediately labeled as a nut job from the New York Times to the Republican National Committee.  Then they are condemned when they won’t climb on the rat-infested gut wagon to electoral defeat.

These  self styled patriots forget that when you vote for the Best Loser, you are also responsible for the results.  And being the last Leader into the abyss isn't something I want to identify with.

That is the one of the blessings of this country.  You have the right to vote for the best candidate.  You also have the right to NOT vote for the worst candidates.  And yes, Mitt Romney really looks good right now.  But he only looks good against Barack Obama.  Hell, Hillary looks better than Barack, but I wouldn’t vote for that broom riding Cruella DeVille if she were the only person on the ticket.

If I wanted to do that, I would move to North Korea.

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