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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Responding to Beggars

This was posted to 'I Own The World' as a response to a posting as to where you could send donations to help our military members.

"Yeah, and you can list the salaries of the CEOs and the percentage of donations that goes to the intended recipients, while you’re at it. I’m sick and tired of hearing how a small fraction of donations get to our service men and women. Too many of these “Non-Profits” are just money machines. 

 In fact, you can add my anger and ire at the military for putting our service folks in harms way then turning their backs when they need physical and psychological help. Screw the Government and everyone that profits off its incompetence. 

 And as for the Post Office, they can go straight to Hell. These elitist,union A-holes cannot deliver a letter to a town 50 miles from my house without it going over 350 miles. I can walk to the letter’s destination faster. It recently took 28 days for a letter I mailed from my box to another box, not 8 feet away to get delivered. 
So they won’t accept mail and packages to Soldiers in need, but they won’t hesitate to ask for a few more billion to cover up their incompetence. I can understand them keeping ‘Letters to Santa’. I cannot understand NOT sending them to someone that EXISTS and is NOT asking for anything but some compassion. 

And anyone that doesn’t agree with me can kiss my ass."

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