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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lamenting the Obvious

 Dumbplumber posted this response to a lament by someone believing that today's American military are "Heros to Lost Causes". 

The U.S. will never WIN another war.  The end of every conflict will forever be a negotiated stalemate where America leaves behind ten or twenty thousand troops to support the inevitable tattoo parlors, piercing salons, liquor stores and whore houses.  Then every four years another bobble-head takes to the Oval Office to find another back yard to dominate, in the name of Peace.

Meanwhile, back at home, the march to socialism continues unabated.  Both Democrats and Republicans have spent so much productive time chipping away at the greatest governing document ever written, the Supreme Court is reduced to being ham-strung between earlier "precedent" and the will of the chattering class.  And while domestic murders are climbing like CEO salaries on meth, not one shot will be fired to defend the Constitution. 

It is particularly galling to witness the parade of "former" Secret Service agents and "retired" four star generals plugging up the 24 hr. news cycle, hawking their books and whining about the state of the nation.  Primarily because they took an Oath to protect America  from enemies both foreign and domestic, while they took a job to protect the President.  In short, they agreed to take a bullet for the Commander in Chief, but they refused to take one for America. 

So you will pardon me when I say that if all someone plans on doing is crawling around in the mud, cleaning their rifles and jacking shells, while watching Andy of Mayberry re-runs, we are seriously screwed.

As for America's patriots, if you are reading this and NOT making serious plans to take out some treasonous bastard, that is working to destroy this country, you are wasting your time.

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