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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Falling for Obama

So now we’re being told that the ‘Republican’ leadership is pushing for the ‘Obamatrade’ deal, which they have NOT read.  Not to point out the obvious, but haven’t we seen this movie already?  Let’s Review:

Obama lied, cheated and crammed Obamacare down our throats, by making the Dems vote it into law without reading it.  It is now a categorical failure, not worthy of the paper it was written on and now costing America over a trillion dollars and counting.

Obama yanked American troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, while declaring victory and now ISIS is taking over both countries.  They show their fear of us by beheading everyone that is not a radical Muslim.

Obama has declared that America is now the most respected country on the planet.  Never mind that none of our allies trust us and our enemies laugh themselves into a hysterical stupor when Obama challenges them.

Obama says he respects our sovereignty but has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to cross our borders and gives them free healthcare, IRS bonus checks, free rent, free food, early release from committing felonies and unemployment benefits to make them wish they had stayed home.

Obama has contradicted just about EVERYTHING he ever said about someone else in power, since he has been in power.  Either he was lying then, he’s lying now, or both.

You pretty well know when you are through lying to someone, when they start complaining 6 years into your administration.

You know when you are bullet proof when the folks guarding you refuse to put a bullet in your head, because it might put a dent in the sales of the book they plan to write about protecting the most corrupt president in history. 

This thing just writes itself doesn't it?

Is there more?  You betcha, but I will save it for the book.

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