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Monday, June 01, 2015

Dumb Denny Done did the Dallies

Denny Hastert has really stepped in it now.  The former Speaker of the House was caught, if belatedly, with his trouser trout out.  Then to make things really interesting he was caught violating some of the banking laws that he was responsible for.  Now I don't want to go out on a limb here, but this is like standing on your laces while trying to tie your shoes. 

Now Denny has the unique privilege of looking his once loving wifey and children in the eye, while trying to figure out how he's going to keep paying the blackmailer/victim/damn Hotty he bounced off the shower walls, back in high school.  Then there's all those consulting contracts and speaking engagements he used to finance the payoff.  That is looking out the window about now. 

Pundits are snarking about how he should just change his name to "Clinton" and be done with it.  Au Contraire, my simple Pilgrims, that angle was devised and abused by the Clintons and the privilege will not be transferred to Denny.   He is twisting in the wind blown by all the media.  This will probably not end in a prison sentence, but he may end up wishing it did.  Whatever 'wad' he had is now blown, both figuratively and literally.

But he can rest assured the liberal media will milk it for all it's worth to cover for Hillary for at least a few more weeks.  Thanks Denny.

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