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Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

Sitting here on November, 13, yes Friday the thirteenth, sipping my first taste of a great Single Malt, watching the news about the Muslim attacks in gay ole Paree.  Simultaneously, I am reading the juxtaposition of America’s reality on the Internet.  For instance:

While scores of innocent citizens are being slaughtered by well-armed Muslim terrorists in Paris snowflakes at Yale University are complaining that there are no “Safe places” they can go to escape the horrors of fake Mexican sombreros and mustaches being worn by other students.  Yes, you heard it here first.

Meanwhile, Al Gore is planning a 24 hr. Podcast on Global Warming from the top of the…………….wait for it….. The Eiffel Tower.   As an added bonus, the name of his Podcast is “24hrs of Reality”.  Hey Al, is this real enough for you.  No, you cannot make this up.

Much has been written over the past 18 or so hours about the epic rant given by Donald Trump, last night, in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  Although, according to several reporters at the event, everyone is upset with the Donald, except for….. the voters. 

The Trumpster might have a few things to say about the Paris attacks and Obama’s determination to import over 100,000 Muslim, refugees,  job- seekers, freedom fighters, misunderstood, peace seeking religious students, IT workers just looking for a better life.'

You gotta bet that France has gun control……………….
BTW, In France, to buy a firearm, a hunting license or a shooting sport license is necessary. All semi-automatic rifles with a capacity greater than 3 rounds, all handguns and all rifles chambered in 'military' calibers, including bolt action, require permits. These are known as B1, B2 and B4 type permits. Firearms are divided into eight categories that determine the regulations that apply to their possession and use. France also sets limits on the number of cartridges that can be kept at home (1000 rounds per gun).
The total number of firearms owned by an individual is also subject to limits (not possible to have more than 12 authorizations/permits on B1, B2 and B4 type firearms).[95] As of September, 2013, France has a capacity limit of 20 rounds for handguns;[96] one needs a permit for category one semi-automatics that have a capacity greater than 3 rounds. Fully automatic firearms are illegal for civilian ownership. Wikipedia

So, to condense:  Terrorists, murderers and other assorted ass-hats don’t give a crap about gun control.  Or to phrase another way:  If a few patriotic Parisians were packing heat, there is a good chance that the sand niggers would have moved on to a more friendly target environment or faced return fire immediately.  

 You can make another bet that the White Flag factories will be working overtime for the foreseeable future, since France has closed the borders, trapping the wingnuts INSIDE France. 

Gotta go, my glass is empty.  Almost as empty as the venues in Paris.

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