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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Political Transparency

It may as well have been Black Tuesday.  Wifey returned home from a doctor’s appointment, a week ago, in great spirits, as a skin lesion turned out to be just about nothing.  Then yesterday, she receives in the mail a “courtesy announcement” that she had ran a red light, while making a right turn.  Yes, it came with several photos.  It also said clearly at the top of the page, “This is not a ticket”, but buried at the bottom was an invitation to contact the police, to make an appointment for an interview. 

Nevermind that the police are over 75 miles from our home.

Now I watch TV like most of you and the first thing I learned from every cop show I ever saw was that more people talk themselves into jail than talk themselves out. 
But this is not the point of this posting.

The point is, is that some mid-level manager of a ‘red light’ racket in Phoenix, Arizona has forwarded Wifey a courtesy warning, not to be confused as a notice ‘not’ to enforce the law.  And here is where the rubber meets the road.

Let’s face it folks, red light cameras cause more accidents than they prevent.  It’s a proven statistical fact.  Red light cameras are a revenue source, NOT a law enforcement tool.  But I digress.

If we are to suddenly begin to enforce the laws already on the books, we need to look no further than the seats of government, from top to bottom.  To begin instilling respect for our law enforcement system, heads need to roll from Washington D.C to the smallest villages of our great nation.

We could start by using available, confirmed video, emails and first hand testimony to arrest, charge and prosecute one of our current presidential candidates for perjury, lying to investigators and Congressional committees, as well as aiding and abetting our enemies and tampering with government documents in furtherance of evading prosecution.  As well as, allowing government secrets to be exposed, while violating federal laws on securing Top Secret communications. (These are not idle accusations, but already established fact on record).  I would love to refer to her as Inmate 015-699345 for President.

 So why no prosecution?  Yeah I know, they are still investigating……much like the grassy knoll in Dallas.

On the lower end of the scale, our local District Attorney could move forward with violation of State Law as to the operation of one of many of our local Commissions, in that conflict of interest and conspiracy in furtherance of illegal annexations and most likely bribery of a government official(s) by private citizens or business interests.

Meanwhile, our current administration has a stack of felonies to answer for, beginning with tampering with a political website to allow foreigners to donate to a political campaign, to aiding and abetting illegal immigration and failing to prosecute those that allowed government money to be distributed to those that didn’t qualify for it.  (In the tens of billions, I might add).  And should I mention of an abject failure to enforce laws, already on the books against voter intimidation (with video), voter fraud, and refusal to prosecute political cronies for multiple felonies.

Closer to home, the same violation of immigration rules by Sacramento has shoved illegal immigration into high gear.  Driver’s licenses for illegals, then allowing anyone with a driver’s license to vote in California elections has combined both violations for illegal immigration and election fraud, as a twofer. 
Or put another way, if we were to violate the campaign and immigration laws of Mexico the same way we are allowing them to violate our laws, us little people would be eating tortillas and beans for years to come, while rotting away in a Mexican jail.

And who among us can forget the IRS bureaucrat, Lois Lerner, who single-handedly approved many Liberal 501c3 organizations tax exempt status, while denying Conservative organizations the same right, during the last couple of election cycles?  Yeah, more investigations.  And all right up in the face of a Republican led congress.

 But you don’t need to remind me of the felonies that are condoned in the name of politics.  And Congress still doesn’t understand why Americans have given them a 6% approval rating.
No, the Red Light racket is just a small part of what pisses Americans off with government, government control and government over reach.  Personally, I think if you shoved a red light up a politician’s ass, his eyes would light up.

I guess that’s what they consider transparency. 

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