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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Observing the Headlines

Jeb Bush claims that Trump, “isn’t qualified for the presidency”. 

Really!  I don’t recall him making that remark about Obama in 2008 or 2012.

Republican operatives are telling their campaign candidates to “mimic” Donald Trump in their speeches.
Oh yeah, go with what works.  But in this case try faking sincerity, until at least after the elections.

Couples motives are unclear in San Bernardino massacre.

Oh, I dunno, probably some more of that “spontaneous” workplace violence.  Because everyone knows, when you carry around assault weapons, bullet proof vests and tactical communications systems, it’s all about being ready for an insult at a Christmas Party.

Senator Cruz says, “San Bernardino assault could have been act of Islamic terror”.

Wow Teddy, everyone told me you were smart.  Now I know you’re as least as smart as a fifth grader. 

Ted Cruz says, he’d hire Trump to build the wall.

It’s like ‘Jim’ is gonna hire Tom Sawyer to whitewash the fence.

The Atlantic asks the big question:  “Will Congress ever declare war on ISIS?

Senator Lindsey Graham is about to, but anything he puts forth is for his campaign and not a serious effort.
Dumbplumber submits we stopped having wars when we started having ‘rules of engagement’.  You know, that’s when you stop shooting at someone who is holding a loaded rifle, while standing behind a woman’s skirt. 

Moreover, I would submit that while there are a few vaginas in Congress, there’s a lot more pussies.
Now that I’ve answered the big questions, you can continue on with your lives.


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