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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

GOPe A Sea of Shit

So now we get a front row seat to the sea of shit that represents the GOPe.  Yes my friends.  Once the slime is scraped off the bowl of crap, we refer to as Establishment Republicans we can see all the grand turds bobbing around telling us, that the front-runner of our Party, the one person that has the Felon-in-Training shaking at the thought of herself in handcuffs, is not qualified to lead this country. 

And it cannot go without mention that the very folks that have brought this nation to the pit of despair with $20 trillion in debt; that has made us the laughing stock of the world; that cannot stop a band of sand niggers, in stolen vehicles, from taking over the most god forsaken useless piece of real estate on the planet; that has allowed the tattoo laden, river jumping, cocaine smuggling, taco bending assholes to invade our country and add billions to our debt, while murdering our innocents in the name of “love”; and has ballooned our government into the biggest, least productive and most obnoxious, anti-capitalistic, bunch of jack-booted assholes since Nazi Germany, is now engaged in the destruction of the only candidate to challenge and promise the end to our destruction since Ronald Reagan. 
In my 66 years, I have never been so incensed at the behavior of Republicans, beginning with the tampering of the 2014 elections.  Now this same group of jackals have banded together to besmirch, debase, defame and vilify the one person that tens of millions believe can stop and reverse the systematic ruination of the greatest nation on the planet.  And they are trying to do it under the cloak of “conservatism”, which they hijacked then prostituted and bastardized into an attempt to lure the Tea Party and Independent Americans onto their sinking ship.

No my friends, I was wrong when I predicted that there would be a revolution under a Hillary Clinton regime.  It will never get that far if the Establishment has its way.  They, the Establishment, will become the targets of a militarized movement, who never realized their own Party would decide to undermine and cannibalize their own, to guarantee a Clinton or Sanders victory. 

You see, if there is to be a revolution, the just and righteous targets of the movement will be those who, by their own ignorance and avarice decided to sabotage the people’s chosen candidate to represent them in a constitutionally legal election. 
We will never forget that the Bushes marched us into a war to protect their oil barron buddies, then plundered Americas coffers and sacrificed our soldiers, under “Rules of Engagement” in an unholy alliance with our Progressive Left and the Muslim Brotherhood, to ensnare us into a protracted action that could have been ended in months instead of years.  It would have been handy if only we understood we were fighting against a 7th Century ideology, that doesn’t recognize the difference between a government and a religion.  An ideology that believes goats and women share the same rights and obligations. 

And the spark of the coming revolution will not be unlike the Firing on Ft. Sumter or John Brown’s Raid.  The same people that tampered with the 2014 elections, will be the one’s fingered for the blame of the coming conflagration under the name of politics.  Because if lying, cheating, stealing and fraud are the hallmarks of today’s political class they can take a bow for what is about to befall them.
Not unlike Hillary Clinton, and all her ilk, that believe telling the truth to federal officers, federal agencies and the U.S. Congress is just for the little people, wait until they can see what all the little people can do to them, when lying and breaking the law’s tables are turned. 

We won’t be missing anyone on the Supreme Court, because not one Justice will ever see these charges under the likes of the Establishment and corrupt political bosses. 

At some point the overwhelming wave of Justice will overcome the political will of those sworn to uphold it, and a human tsunami will crush the Establishment and all who shill for them.
Soon these political Turds will be coming home to roost.

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