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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Dead Meat Militia

The brouhaha surrounding the Bundys and the Hammonds has been dissected and convoluted by so many disparite parties, it has evolved into the political quagmire it was always meant to be. 
The original purpose of public lands was to allow them to be leased and managed by private entities to benefit both the lessee and lessor.  Now however, the purpose seems to be (like all other factions of our oppressive government) to overburden the tenants with mindless regulations, milk every nickel out of the lease, force adjacent landowners off their lands and oversee it all with jackbooted inefficiency, of 1939 Germany.

There should be no argument that well managed grazing of public lands enhances the value and sustainability of the land.  Conversely, there should be no argument that denying sustainable management deteriorates the condition of the land as to make it absolutely worthless for anything or anyone. 

But Nooooo, control of worthless land seems to be the objective of an oppressive government.  BLM is not alone.  The U.S. Forest Service seems determined to deny harvesting of dead, dying and over-mature trees in some perverse scheme to build up a savings account of fire fuels, just awaiting a spark from Mother Nature, an irresponsible individual or a very capable terrorist.  And then, when an ignition happens, billions of dollars of taxpayer money is squandered trying to put it out, while all clean air measures are overwhelmed with billions of tons of Co2, smoke and particulates, which render all air quality mandates and directives moot and less than moot.  But I digress.

While government supporters tout the need for tougher regulations and higher fees and more inspections by bureaucrats, leaseholders are burdened with coping with a fickle market and ballooning costs.  And therein lies the rub.  

Not happy with the status quo, government seems to be paving the way by destroying family farms and ranches converting them to corporate conglomerates and foreign ownership, which also greases the palms of lobbyists and politicians, thereby a flicker has grown into a flame between our citizens and our government.  So here we are today.

I mentioned before in another posting that the dumbest thing anyone can do is stand toe to toe with an overwhelming force.  The recent death in Burns, Ore. reveals that. 
Citizens only seem to get away with destructive protests when they are en-mass (like the takeover of the State House in Madison, Wisconsin) or when they are armed militant minorities (like the New Black Panthers) who were filmed obstructing a voting station in Pennsylvania, all unpunished felonies.  Then and only then do they become some sort of twisted celebrities, garnering the misguided respect and attention of the MSM and law enforcement.  

Otherwise they become dead meat, like Lavoy Finicum, who realized the fruit of his folly in Burns, Oregon.
No, to take on the Federal government in a toe to toe, in your face confrontation, over as federal installation is stupid on a level that knows no equal.

If a “Force of Patriots”, “Followers of Liberty” or “Militia of Milquetoast” wants to make a statement or change the hearts and minds of the government, they absolutely need to follow the example of the Scots, when they fought the English in medieval times…guerrilla warfare.  And nothing says “Go screw yourself” like the enemy’s head on a stick or his supporters dropping like dominoes. 
Like one taxi patron said during a ride to the airport, in Miami……”If you took 100 politicians out of the capitol, shot them, and left them in the street, the rest of Congress’s behavior towards the citizens would change in a matter of hours”. 

Read and Learn or Die, it’s your choice. 

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