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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Blaming the Donald

So here we are Pilgrims, being shamed by a former T.V. personality, Campbell Brown, into believing that cable television is to blame for Donald Trump.  She has even gone so far as to beg the networks to NOT have one second of Trump coverage for a week.  The caterwauling is deafening.

But it does bring a couple of things to mind:  One, who is to blame for Obama? And Two:  when was the last time we went a week without seeing or hearing the White House lawn jockey blow smoke up our skirts about something or another….for the past 9 years, which includes his campaign?  

Yes, that campaign, where we couldn’t go for more than a few minutes without some blather-mouth fawning over the first half-black politician to slither his way into the Oval Office, without five minutes of scrutiny over, who he was, where he came from, what he had accomplished or how he got here.  Nevermind that his adversary was John McStain, who’s only accomplishments were riding a prison bunk in Hanoi, all the way to a Senate seat in Arizona, and telling his running mate, Sarah Palin, not to in any way attempt to vet the competition.  Yes a winning strategy continued by the Mormon Moron in 2012.

She goes on to say, “’Trump makes “outrageous, provocative statements”, that he is “contemptible”, a liar and a megalomaniac, not to mention a “calculating demagogue.”’ Maybe Ms. Brown should try substituting Trump for Obama and see how that works out for her.  The hypocrisy is palpable. 

No, Ms. Brown, the contempt you show for Mr. Trump mirrors, yet is not near the contempt that we, the voters, have for your Black and White Knight, Barack Hussein Obama.  If you actually tried to destroy America, you could not have done a better job than what he has done to this country.  Whether it be racially, economically, domestically, militarily, or damage he has done to our foreign allies, no one in the history of the world can compare to the damage he has done to us. 

And for you to slap at the media for airing Trump, Trump-isms or Trumper’s frustrations is actually an exercise in ‘projection’, because no one has garnered the attention of the media more than the Socialist in Chief, Mr. Obama.

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