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Friday, May 06, 2016

Hiding the Wizard

So now the real ‘butt-hurt’ begins.  It is the first—and probably the only-- time that schadenfreude and multiple orgasms have intersected for the 'Go Trump' crowd. 

Meanwhile, my favorite blogs—Lucianne (think Jonah, (I hate Trump) Goldberg’s mother), Instapundit, IOTW, and other conservative sites are both stunned and bewildered that Ted Cruz had a moment of lucidity and stepped down from the race.  Even the talking heads, like Krauthammer, Geo. Will, the entire Weekly Standard and National Review crowd along with a host of other t.v. personalities are in the first stages of grief….denial.  And the anti-Trump caterwauling is deafening. 
Nevermind that if they had been this vocal about the first year of Obama, there wouldn’t have been a second year, much less than a second term.  Yet strangely they lacked the zeal for disposing of Obama that they have reserved for Mr. Trump.  Some are even threatening to either vote for Hillary or sit out the General Election, which is the same thing. 
You see, there is something playing in the background that doesn’t jive with the animosity that is directed at the current Republican front-runner.  Something that keeps niggling at my subconscious like the ka-ching of a cash register. 

Oh yeah, it is the ka-ching, because someone, or many someones, have positioned themselves, long ago, to make money and take power, or both, under either an Establishment Republican OR a Hillary administration.  Damned the Constitution, the middle class or the future of the nation, these voices are throwing everything they have to defeat Donald J Trump.   And the voices are resonating through the mouths of those, not in the driver’s seat.  The drivers are ensconced in the glass towers and smoky back rooms, where true power lurks.'

Far be it from me to name names, because even the most knowledgeable of mouthpieces are smart enough to keep their pie-holes shut, when it comes to fingering the real power behind the politics.  Karl Rove, Reince Priebus, ha!  These clowns are not the power but the ones that keep Toto from pulling back the curtain on the Wizard.

The “power” behind the #stoptrump crowd will never be seen on television, nor be named in the print media.  The power shall remain nameless and faceless.  But you can bet the farm that if they got their wishes from Trump, Trump would be no better than the clowns we elected in 2014.

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