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Friday, July 15, 2016

Keeping It Up

Wow, in less than a week we have a new and even more tragic slaughter of human beings.  A madman in Nice, France has mowed down dozens and dozens of innocent revelers at the Bastille Days celebrations. 

I don't think France has enough teddy bears, balloons and flowers to commemorate all the assassinations.  They do however have their 'white flag' factories running 24/7.  Obama has ordered flags all over the world to fly at half staff.  It's easier for us here in America, because ours are still down from the Dallas massacre.

Al Sharpton is now living on a 757, going from massacre to massacre raising money to compensate him and his fellow moochers for the inequities of slavery,  150 years ago.  Of course he will be taking a little 'taste' for expenses.  But he will be clearing the way for Obama to come in and stir up the natives, who rely upon these events to keep Americans on their heels.

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