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Friday, December 09, 2016

All Is Not Lost

All is not lost.  

The Liberal/Progressive class are still slobbering over their losses in the November election.  Guess you have to give them the Participation Award for whining.  Hollywood, Wash. DC, New York and Northwestern California are all twitterpated about that evil, vile, racist Donald....good.

I know I sleep better at night knowing that Trump is not.  He's got one Helluva job to do and getting paid bupkus to do it,  The caterwalling for the next four years will be deafening.  Then, Democrats will run and keep running historical losers....all to our benefit.

Nancy Pelosi will soon be the oldest person living in space.  No disrespect to John Glenn. In fact, she hasn't lived anywhere but space since I took notice of her in 2000.  The very definition of insanity.

The Democrats now hold the distinction of being the old, white Party, with Harry Reid leaving it will lower the average age by about 200 years.  Still can't believe he said that Mitt Romney "didn't pay his taxes" and "Donald Trump was an unhinged and unbalanced egomaniac".   Great quotes coming from a gut that got knocked-out by a rubber band.

But we will have the likes of Dick Durban, Chuck Schumer and Charles Rangel to pick up the slack for good ole Harry.

Now that the Trumpster is in the saddle, I may make some time to blog again and keep you up on the comings and goings of the Down South Briggs' family.

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