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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Making Me Smarter

The more the Dumbplumber watches the news, the smarter he gets.  No, it’s not that I’m getting more intelligent, it’s that folks that I used to think were smart are getting dumber.

I mean those who have PhDs, are Academy Award winners, or who are officials in the Senate or House of Representatives have gone completely bonkers.  With just one inane utterance they join the most ignorant people on the planet. 

Take Robert Reich, former Treasury Secretary, for instance.  He recently stated that the rioters in Berkeley were really Right Wing extremists.  Whoa, where did that come from?  And then to make it worse, CNN agreed with him.  What in the name of vodka soaked granola made him say that?  I mean, my three year old grand-niece could make up a better story.
The sound you hear is the MSM mental elevator going down. 

A couple of weeks back, Meryl Streep, climbed off her lofty perch and declared that the president wasn’t worthy of the office.  Well I guess someone who has portrayed herself as a floozy housewife would know something about that. 
And the stream of Senate and House Libtards against the president is mind boggling.  Talk of Impeachment is muttered around the Capitol, like all it takes to impeach someone is an unfounded rumor.  Guess that would include the loony left, who haven’t done anything for the citizens since before they were first sworn in.  Nobody better to enforce Obamacare, because they themselves don’t have to live under it. 

Here’s the cold reality folks.  Hillary was supposed to be president.  Everyone knew it. The fix was in.  The MSM, the Polls, Hollywood, Unions, the Chamber of Commerce, Jeb Bush and all inside the beltway knew that Hillary was going to do a Cakewalk into the Oval Office, on the wings of everyone who craved attention. 

Someone forgot to tell Donald Trump, who has been thinking about this problem for not just a little while.  Besides, Trump did the math.  He decided to appeal to the forgotten voter.  His rallies should have been the first warning.  But while Hillary was busy in Beverly Hills, New York and Nob Hill raising $1.2 billion, Trump was jetting between Tuscaloosa, Cincinnati, De Moines and Palm Beach, talking to the folks.

His budget was his bottomless Visa card, her budget was other people’s money.  And for less than it costs to build a superyacht, the Donald got the nod from the voters, to Make America Great again. 
And as an added bonus, it makes half of America smarter than the ‘Maroons’ that have been running it so far.   So politicians, professors, actors and general misfits, open your mouths and keep making me even smarter. 

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