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Friday, February 10, 2017

Russian Hacking

We learn today that CNN is reporting that Russian hackers will interrupt the French elections. 

 Let’s review.  Grabbing pussies, multiple sex partners, philandering, crude speech and wife swapping is considered continental in France.  We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto. 

What will the Russians do?

What didn’t work against Trump will also not work against La Pen, who is trying to capture momentum from the Trump campaign.  Telling it like it is, is the phrase of the day.  LaPen will connect with the people while the other candidates will connect with each other.  Not going to be easy for the Russians to interfere with their election, when different customs clash.

Anyone who tries to protect monuments—Eiffel Tower—instead of their people will no doubt go down in history as absolutely tone deaf. 

I’m really not impressed with the French, but anybody that connect with regular folks is okay by me.

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