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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ted Kennedy vs John Roberts

Talk about an insufferable gasbag turning the questioning of Roberts into an inquisition for the sole purpose of Mug time for the Party faithful. Ted Kennedy, in some sort of reality haze, attempted to lock horns with an extremely qualified, knowledgeable, lockbox of endless Supreme Court minutia, and made an incredible ass of himself at the expense of the Democratic Party. Kennedy, reading from prepared statements and questions, provided by his staff, was NO match for the extemporaneous Roberts, who has a commanding grasp of details, dates, memos, arguments, decisions and appeals of this nations highest courts, dating back decades. Ted Kennedy should stick with subjects he knows, like the alcohol content of single malt scotch, what it means when a woman says NO, and the buoyancy of an inverted, submerged Oldsmobile. His Circus performance is just hurting the Party, since his own reputation can be injured no further.

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