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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Bob and Allah Show

Well, Ole Bob Williams is at it again. But this time I agree with about 30% of what he says. First, you can't begin to compare today's soldier with those in WWII. In the 40's all you had to do was about 300 pushups, obey orders, shoot straight and you were headed for action. Today, you need to do all those plus carry twice the backpack, train for all the technology and wear about 90lbs in body armor.

Now I know that Ole Bob doesn't think we should be in Iraq. If he had his way, Saddam would still be in control, bribing the U.N., violating sanctions and treating UN resolutions as if they were a promise to stop smoking right after New Years Eve, slaughtering his countrymen, plotting the invasion of his neighbors and moving his weapons programs around like a street huckster playing "Three Card Monte".

On the other hand, Saddam knew what we are now just learning. A brutal dictatorship is the only way to keep these countrymen from killing each other. Seems that Sunnis and Shiites alike wake up each morning dreaming of ways to eliminate the Jews. But first, like the Hatfields and McCoys, they must kill each other for this privilege. We must never forget (and some must finally realize) that many of these mutton breath, desert dwelling, Allah lovin' camel jockeys see killing Infidels as a path to heaven. And yes, brothers and sisters, we are the Infidels. This is one fact we, and ole Bob, cannot escape and is the driving force among an enemy that lives to see us dead.

This War is like none we have ever encountered. Nailing down this enemy is like screwing Jello to the wall. They have no uniforms, no Capitol, no borders, no scruples. They enjoy hiding among their peace loving Muslim counterparts, with little fear of retribution, objection, rejection or expulsion. Their stock in trade is to randomly detonate high explosives, without rhyme or reason, killing as many innocent bystanders as possible. Their stated goal is to kill all Infidels--that being everyone except Allah fearing, gun totting, terrorists--which explains why so many of their fellow Muslims are now pushing up daisies. Graveyards are filled with those that made the mistake of living in harmony with those of the Western culture.

You see folks, ole Bob and his fellow appeasers haven't yet figured out that we are in a War for the rest of our lives, his and ours. Right now it is easy to criticize those that have figured this out. But when Mohammed comes knocking at Ole Bob's door, he will suddenly realize that appeasing will NOT keep his head attached to his shoulders. And in his final seconds of life, Ole Bob will come to realize why Harry Truman spent his last years wrestling with a decision that saved America's future.

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