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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Clinton of Airstream

What the Hell is all this about? William Jefferson Clinton, impeached past President of the United States, paramour of Monica Lewinski, principle in Whitewater, Party perjurer, predator of Paula Jones, rapist of Juanita Broaddrick, is now an un-registered agent for an Emir in Dubai. He has received over $600k for speaking engagements and millions more in compensation and donations from the UAE without registering as an agent for a foreign country.

And what donations did he receive? Over a million dollars for the Clinton Library. Has anyone seen this abortion. It looks like an homage to trailer parks. Better yet, an appropriate symbol of the phallus of all trailers, the Airstream, the perfect metaphor for temporary relationships. I haven?t seen so much aluminum since the aircraft graveyard in the Mojave Desert.

Having dodged the criminal and political bullets of past indiscretions, he is now plowing new turf in an ambitious effort to amass tens of millions in personal wealth, no matter the fallout for his beloved wife?s political future.

But you can rest easy folks, Bill, with all his efforts, will never accumulate money anywhere near what Michael Jackson has thrown away in the past two years, what Bill Gates makes in a week or the ?Google Boys? lost in a day.

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