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Monday, May 14, 2007

President's Approval Ratings

Well, the President’s approval rating has finally landed below 30%. It’s about time.
First of all, we have always known that over 50% of Americans were Democrats, Independents, Greens, Peace and Freedoms and a few Klingons thrown in for good measure. We also discovered that John Kerry couldn‘t lure sufficient voters from their caves, condos and communes in ’04 to crush the evil empire of Geo. Bush and Karl Rove. Fewer than 48% of registered voters wandered into the polling stations that year, less than voted on American Idol this year. I guess you get what you don’t vote for.

Secondly, for the remaining 20 some odd percent of turncoats, many were just fair weather friends anyway, always going whichever way the wind blows, possessing the principles of a carnival barker and spine of a jelly fish.

The relentless negative Media reporting can take credit for many others, whose wobbling moral compass is pointed far more toward self preservation and profits than any concern for God and country.

But more than a few points are the product of Hollywood, the major Networks and more than a few political zealots with dark and questionable connections to a financial force, whose hobby is bankrupting countries, by manipulating their currency.

No folks, we have purged the flotsam and jetsam from our ranks and those that remain will do as they always do, get the job done. While the whining, sniveling and gnashing consumes those paralyzed with inaction, the final one quarter will continue protecting, serving and providing for the rest.

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