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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Politician's War

Has anyone else noticed that the War is tearing this country apart? The question is, just in how many pieces. Politicians on both sides as well as over and under the isle, who claim to represent their constituencies are themselves fragmented as to what to do about the War.

Just in case you are wondering, I am referring to the Iraq War. You know, the one where the former leader was a bloody dictator, who not only terrorized his own people, but had exercised a will to take over the entire Mid-East region and dominate the rest of the world by cornering the oil market with it’s massive reserves. After two failed attempts at expansion, Saddam was bottled up in Iraq, where he wiled away his days building palaces, gaming the “food for oil” program and raping and murdering his own people, when not shooting at U.S. aircraft. Yeah, that War.

First, there are the anti-War politicians, you know the ones who wouldn’t support conflict if their lives depended on it and are absolutely opposed to it from the start. Second, the Left, who voted for the War, because they were “lied” to, even though they had the same intelligence as France, Canada, Germany and Israel, and fully supported the invasion, but now are looking more for votes than conflict resolution.

Then there are the “…I support the troops, but not the War” types, who believe that we need soldiers to wear all those uniforms, drive those Humvees and operate the tanks we bought from contractors that finance the elections of D.C. politicians. Heaven forbid we should send them to a foreign country where bullets are flying. No, we should maintain cute little bases for them in countries that we pummeled into submission during WWI and WWII, that are now tourist destinations.

Of course, there are the “win at all cost”, but “don’t alienate the civilians” hawks, who actually thought it was a good idea to imbed reporters in a War zone with more than a pencil and note pad. The political opportunists pay for this little stroke of genius with the nightly body count and critical sound bites.

Then there are the scorched earth politicians, who firmly believe that “collateral damage” was a phrase invented in the 60’s and has about as much to do with a real War as “attention span”.

So while the decision makers bicker about how we should conduct ourselves in this War, Red State America hasn’t forgotten Sept. 11, nor the terrorist leaders, who have clearly spelled out “their” vision of Westerners in an Islamic State.

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