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Friday, May 04, 2007

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Hear Ye, hear Ye, take note and be advised.

Whereas, the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the military and,
Whereas, the Congress has power to declare War and is responsible for funding the War, the People find Congress wanting.

Inasmuch as, Congress, the President, the United Nations, including France, Israel, Britain, Germany, all “independently” concurred that Iraq had used weapons of mass destruction, possessed weapons of mass destruction and were pursuing development of atomic weapons, were in violation of numerous UN resolutions and had refused further UN inspections of sensitive weapons sites, were in violation of the terms and conditions of their surrender in the first Gulf War and,

Inasmuch as Saddam Hussein repeatedly violated the No Fly Zone with attack jets and missiles and breached the terms of the “food for oil” program, erstwhile starving his own people while building palaces for himself while raping and murdering his own citizens and,

Inasmuch as Congress, apprised of these violations and conditions, voted to go to War against Saddam, granting the War Powers Act to the President of the United States and,
Inasmuch as the State Department is the “diplomatic” arm of the Executive Branch and therefore endowed with the task of negotiating, clarifying and exercising the goals and objectives of the President of the United States, they have no burden of abdicating this responsibility to any other “Branch” of our government and,

Be it concluded the Speaker of the House as well as the leader of the Senate have both abused their positions to undermine the President, the War and the Warriors in addition to aiding, abetting and providing comfort to the enemy as well as breaching the division of powers as stipulated in the Constitution of these United States are guilty of treason, sedition and treachery of the highest order.

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