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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last Clown Standing

Now O’Reilly has really pissed me off. On his 3-08-08 show he had the unmitigated gall to imply that Rush Limbaugh was interfering or otherwise trying to meddle in a national election. O’Reilly points out the encouragement of Limbaugh to have Republicans cross the lines in Texas to vote for Hillary, so that both candidates could continue more bloodied than ever, with the farce that is the ‘08 elections, was to O’Reilly sullying the character that is American politics.

Well, I have news for the self-esteem of his no-spinness Mr. O’Reilly. The character and reputation of national politics was sullied long before Rush Limbaugh got involved. And as to interfering with the ‘08 elections, the Media--both t.v. and print--have had far more influence than Rush Limbaugh would ever hope to have. Case in point, from the 16 or so initial candidates for the presidency, look at the clowns left standing.

If there ever was influence in this election, including the survival of John McCain we have to look no further than the media. On the Left we have Hillary, the presumptive nominee, who has had ten times the coverage in life, as Anna Nicole Smith had in death. But her inevitability has been usurped by “messiah come rock star”, Barack Obama, who was never challenged as to principle or platform until everyone else was gone but Hillary.

McCain just got lucky because he wasn’t smart enough to turn out the lights and go home, when he ran out of money and support. Like Huckabee, but with a richer wife, McCain just kept on keeping on. He showed up at the photo ops-- disguised as debates-- where he spouted a sound byte or two to entertain the political cannibals and burn the primary candle.

Romney, on the other hand, got tired of the endless explaining on the non-story of his Mormonism, while the media absolutely ignored Barack’s Muslim upbringing and Hillary’s sordid past.

Fred Thompson just got tired of being ignored. Fred, who had policies and positions from the get go, faced wholesale marginalization, because he refused to play the, let’s spend an extra year squandering precious resources, while voting America goes camping, just so the 24/7 news and daily rags would have something to pick apart.
Of course, he did this just to NOT be one of the sausages processed, in the first 6 months of the presidential campaign. And I would remind everyone that Limbaugh endorsed no one at this time. His only comments were that Fred was the only TRUE conservative and had declared his policies, procedures and principles from the day he jumped into the deep end of the candidate pool. I heard no mention of this from the NO-SPINMEISTER.

Mr. O’Reilly, your self inflicted ignorance of the political process is palpable, if not strangely odious. Like your Liberal media brethren, you should have questioned the lack of policy and positions by most of the candidates late last year, when you still had a few to ask. Scrutinizing a candidates credentials and intentions now is just hypocritical.

For those of us who have witnessed the exit of the qualified candidates, what is left really is fodder for comic relief. If Mr. O’Reilly believes picking our president was such a serious matter, he should have thought about it when we actually had a field to chose from. Right now the dregs that are left will make G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton look like elder statesmen rather than the Saturday Night Live characters they are.

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