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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unenforcable laws for thee but not for me.

Well folks, Sacramento has done it again. In another lightening strike of brilliance, California lawmakers have once again created a law that will be ignored by all but those living in rural or remote areas. Moreover, it is yet another law that will ONLY be enforced in these areas.

You now MUST turn on your lights, when your windshield wipers are on. Or for those living in Rio Linda, lights on when it is raining. Now I know that it makes sense to turn on your lights when it is raining. If your lights aren’t on, how can the raindrops see you to get your car wet?

No, the real story here is this is just another law that will be enforced only in areas where Andy and Barney park their cruiser behind the “Tasty Freeze” sign for a wink or two. We can now add this to the plethora of what I refer to as “Rural Laws”, laws that are only enforced in rural areas.

Other “Rural Laws” that seem to be enforced are: Window tint, tire size, mud flap(required on trucks with big tires), fender skirts(ditto), front license plate, seat belt, maximum speed, bald tire, or cell phone use, along with a host of others that are routinely enforced in the “burbs” or boondocks, but ignored almost completely on the Interstate and in metro areas.

Like when’s the last time you saw a 500 SEL, full of “income challenged” Americans, pulled over in San Jose or Long Beach being written up for “Limo tint” or missing front license plate? Or for that matter, when did you last see a monster truck-- jacked up to nose bleed level-- without mud flaps or fender skirts, pulled over and cited? These trucks are all over L.A. or San Diego, where they are seen as penis symbols. Just try to cruise either of these moving violations in Grass Valley, Lake Almanor or Yreka, where they are considered income streams for the local economies.

Oh, I know, the Chippies think enforcing these laws on the Interstate would impede traffic. Damn straight it would. Better to pull these jerks over and inconvenience others than let the Sacto legislature keep up the hypocritical lawmaking.

Look, the State’s in the financial dumper. Better lawmakers cut spending, sell assets and trim budgets than pursue revenues under the guise of safety, but only enforced in rural areas.

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