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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package

President George Bush yesterday said that, “America is on top of the current economic crisis and will do something about it”. Well George, government has been “doing something” for years now. Memo to George: The things you and Congress have been doing has got us here.

So, I’m begging you STOP, STOP now. Don’t doing anything for awhile and let the system correct itself. Stop regulating us to death; stop taxing us to death; stop shipping our manufacturing to communist China, which now owns a huge chunk of our debt; stop shipping our technical support to India, which is one red button from a nuclear war with Pakistan; stop shipping our hard earned dollars to OPEC, so they can fund wars against us.

If you want to turn this economic nightmare around, first you need to grow a sack, instead of letting a handful of eco-Nazis lead you around the courtroom by your foreskin. Tell the environmentalist whackos that you represent all of America, not just the ignorant, but rich, minority that can hire a platoon of lawyers to shut down this country.

Are there things you can do? Yes, you can stimulate development of our energy and alternative energy, but not at the expense of our breadbasket or our national security. You can stop the Far Left from marching us into oblivion, with their ever expanding, unending, senseless and counterproductive pseudo-environmental dictates. Time to stop the molly-coddling of the slackers, deadbeats and gamers of our entitlement system, which is dragging us into a vortex of hopelessness. Time to end the class warfare which is the gulf between the pay and benefit packages of government employees and the private sector.

And it is well beyond the time that you end “earmarks” or make the ear markers famous every night on the 6 o‘clock news. As for Congress, for God’s sake, stop spending money you don’t have and act like an adult, not the frustrated post adolescent power mongers you have become. Money is not a penis, especially when it is our money, but it is hard to tell with all the urine stains on the Capitol walls.

You can start there and get back to me when you get these done.
The Dumbplumber

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