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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Carrion of Health Care

What moron ever thought that giving a tax credit to purchase health insurance was a good idea? That’s like attaching antlers to every female deer just before hunting season. Atta boy John, your Liberal qualities are finally beginning to show.

Before malpractice attorneys declare open season on the new “target rich environment” of a freshly funded health care industry, maybe we should question the wisdom of further fattening the target rather than making health care more affordable. If we are going to declare a “tax holiday” for federal fuel taxes, why don’t we declare a one year moratorium on malpractice lawsuits, just for the heck of it. Chances are that Americans will benefit far more from the latter than the former.

Better yet, why doesn’t Congress just allocate, say 5 ot 6 billion bucks and just send it to the trial lawyers to NOT file any malpractice suits for the next year. Bottom line, it would be a far more efficient redistribution of our health care dollar than the one we are using now.

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